Integrated Therapy

What do you think would happen if someone could help you eliminate negative thoughts, and then release the stored traumatic memories that have built up in your cells and THEN release the residual trauma from your aura - eliminating that old label, memory or behaviour for ever, who do you think you could then rapidly become?

It's so powerful, we call it 10 years therapy in 10 sessions.

You are unique in the whole universe. No one has your DNA, your experiences, your genetic history and your upbringing, so trying to be like someone else is always going to make you feel and be, second best. The best person you could be, - the VERY best person is actually YOU.

Perhaps you could do with some help to eliminate learned negative labels or habits so that you can re-discover that amazing person that has always been there underneath all the layers of coping and so you can become confident, happy, healthy and more successful and fulfilled, calm and self assured than you ever believed possible.

So, how do we get there?

What you are thinking about NOW and before, affects how you feel - about yourself and your life.

How you feel affects how you behave - how you show up to others and how they relate to you.

How you behave relates to how you treat yourself physically, mentally and emotionally and the quality of your sleep affects all of the above.

Sleeping well is essential to good health and not sleeping well is a clear indicator that something is wrong and can cause a whole raft of physical and psychological imbalances.

There is strong evidence in scientific literature that disturbed sleep, devastating in the short-term also has long-term detrimental effects such as interfering with the smooth running of the immune system, memory and cognitive functioning, anxiety disorders and more.

We can help you improve your rejuvenation and reach your core potential through restful sleep.

We offer improvement in all aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, enhancing wellbeing - whatever the problem or imbalance, we can most probably help you. We have the experience and expertise.

The tools we use include:

Talking therapies - Life coaching/ Psychotherapy/ Hypnotherapy

The subtle body - Chakra balance, aura healing and meditation

Emotional peace - Bach flower remedies for emotional balance

Physical health - Herbal Treatment (Homoeobotanicals) and cranio sacral re-alignment


Using a combination of these effective tools makes for swift and permanent change


Contact me to find out how to begin your journey.


By integrating subtle body work to release restrictions and bach flower remedies for emotional balance add to that the talking therapies for understanding and to release old habits and patterns, and then herbs for the physical manifestation of problems. Just imagine how powerful such a course of treatment could be, - by addressing the whole person instead of just their symptoms, we get to the underlying issues that created the imbalance and treat it there for complete elimination of all future symptoms.

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Meditation CD's.

We have a range of lovely meditation CD's to help you feel calm, relaxed, energise, happy and confident. Have a look at our offerings.

Hypnosis CD's

We have some specific hypnosis scripts to help with Quit Smoking and Weight Loss

Personal Development Books:

I'm a little stressed today. How to remain calm and relaxed

Don't worry, be happy. 21 top tips to living a happier life.

The Big/little book of Meditation - the art and practice of focus