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Corporate offerings

Our business consultancy approach is to deep dive' in order to change behaviour at a core level utilising Transactional & Transformational coaching, facilitation and training methods. We have a range of bespoke workshops designed to focus on specific business needs. We can also tailor a package to suit your business requirements at no extra expense, utilising all the core elements from the Kerslake Company offerings.

Daring to dream

Utilising a coach to help you achieve your goals, is the best investment in yourself and/or your teams that you will ever make. Personal development training crosses over into all aspects of people lives, when they feel happier within themselves, they perform better and are more content and satisfied.


Corporate Packages

Dynamic, interactive and professional workshops to increase your team’s confidence, self belief and enthusiasm about their life and work. See our workshops on offer. We will talior the offerings to suit your needs at no extra expense.


"I have progressed so far, in such a short period of time and the best is still to come! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for believing, understanding and helping me become the person that I am, and the person I ultimately will become!"

one to one

One to One Coaching (including private clients)

Gain a fresh perspective from an impartial, qualified and experienced coach. Our coaches will help your people win at whatever is important to them. Helping them reach their goals and targets, gain in confidence and self belief and grow in enthusiasm and energy will help them perform to a much higher degree at work. Our coaches are ALSO trained in counselling and psychology.

Thank you, so much, for your support and kind encouragement! I believe that I am starting to realise that my beliefs/ values were mixed up and I am starting to question who and what I am all for the better.

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Professional Coaching Programme

Completing an professional coaching programme will enable your employees to feel confidence and be competent coaching at any level in any sector from life coaching to executive coaching to performance coaching.

This in-depth, intelligent programme will give your people all the skills needed to coach your teams to success and assist underperforming or struggling team members and create an environment that encourages co-operation, communication and success within your teams.


Workshops on offer

Personal leadership

Assertiveness for self confidence

Resourcefulness under pressure

Life/work balance - gain control

Goal Setting - to plan your life

Comminication skills

Motivation - the art of moving forward

Don't worry, be Happy

Best year EVER - redefine who you are

Professional Coaching Programme

Relaxation for sleep

Self hypnosis and NLP