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Dynamic, condensed, professional 90 minute Bite Size Training.

Gain high energy, high intensity, high quality training by investing a fraction of your time ensuring mimimum disruption to your business.


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Our course offerings Include:


Personal leadership

Walk Tall and be Assertive

Resilience under pressure

Meditation to de-stress & relax

Life/work balance

Goal Setting

Masterful Comminication

Coaching techniques

WorkSmart and the art of juggling - or 10 top tips on time management

12 top tips to lead a successful life

Meditation for Energy & Vitality

Quit Smoking NOW

Personal Leadership

Studies have shown that the person with the most flexibility in most cases, wins. Situational Leadership is an effective way of managing your team, getting the most out of each person by understanding the different personality types and inter-team dynamics and how to speak so they listen and comprehend. It's far more cost-effective to upscale your people than try to get new talent and train them.


Masterful Communication

Relationship building is the most important skill to master if you wish to succeed in any area or your personal and professional life. If we can't effectively communicate at work then we will be passed over for promotion, involved in conflict and possibly fail at our career. Clear communication in the workplace is vital for anyone wanting to be promoted and be successful, develop or manage a team or to become a more effective leader. In your personal life it's just as vital helping form bonds that will last a lifetime giving support, love and friendship.

Resourcefulness under pressure

Our lives keep speeding up with the ongoing event of technology - this will only increase. We are being asked to fit more and more into every 24 hours than ever before. This 90 minute training gives your people the knowledge, understanding and practical skills needed to manage stress and pressure - mentally and physically so they can calm down and relax. It is highly recommended for anyone who works in a busy environment, needs to balance a large workload, or had deadlines that must be met. In our opinion, everyone will benefit from attending this workshop. If you are not addressing stress related illness/issues within your company, you are at a serious disadvantage from those enlightened company's who are.



Meditation to de-stress and relax - the art and practice of focus

Meditation is one of the finest, fastest and easiest ways to train your mind to remain calm, relaxed and balanced, especially in times of high pressure.

Production in the brain of many vital neurochemicals during meditation has been proven to slow aging and keep the body young, alive, calm and fully functioning. It has also been shown that meditation increases motivation, confidence creativity and problem solving – Dr. Deepak Chropra.

A study by NASA found, for example, that a 26-minute ‘nap' increased pilots' performance 34%. 34%!

Many companies employ our services on a regular basis to come in and deliver lunch time meditation sessions for their staff.

Quit smoking NOW (Hypnotherapy)

Help your employees to reach the goal of being smoke free, which will also ensure that they are not taking time out for cigarette breaks and damaging the company's image by smoking outside. Not to mention the health benefits to your employee and therefore your business. Using a mixture of 90 minute group lecture and 1:1 hypnotherapy – This workshop and coaching session is a very cost effective way to help yourself and your employees become healthier, wealthier and happier.

We are currently running in some blue chip companies a programme where the company pays for the 90 minute group training, then if interested in quitting smoking, the employees pay for their own 1 to 1 hypnotherapy session also held at the company at a discounted rate .


Goal Setting

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up somewhere else" - Yogi Bera.

Clear and efficient goal setting skills are imperative at work and in life. In This 90 minute training, learn simple, straight forward templates to give yourself a clear structure to follow, making walking the path clear, simple and easy.


12 top tips to lead a successful life

Sometimes changing a few simple things make a big impact on your attitude, action and behaviour. Just knowing the rules that work are enough to set you on the path to a much more successful and happy future. These 12 wise nuggets will provide you with food for thought and enough information for you to begin to transform your direction, intention and whole life.

Walk Tall and be Assertive

Lack of assertiveness and/or confidence can prove career-limiting for both your key talent, your management and your staff. This 90 minute training teaches delegates how to rethink their current strategies in these areas, and enables them to apply new techniques that have been proven to work to increase self confidence and belief. Gaining massive self esteem. Many very clever and resourceful individuals can be held back in their careers because they still hold some limiting beliefs – this course will encourage change and allow them to fulfil their true potential.


Work/Smart and the art of Juggling - or 10 Top tips on Time Management

The truth about time management. Where you can save time, where to prioritise, the biggest time wasters, making you aware of your habits so you can be much more effective in your daily life and have solid, practical ways to more efficiently utilise your time to get things done.


How to gain Life/Work Balance and peace of mind.

Do you need to have more balance in your life?. The truth is, when people have balance in their lives, they are much calmer, happier and more efficient. This 90 minute training will give you many tools and techniques designed to help you realise what's important and urgent. Our experience has shown that after successful completion of this workshop the participants are more focused, have greater resilience in pressured situations and have the flexibility to respond and adapt to varying work changes and pressures


Coaching techniques

Coaching is the fastest growing profession in the Western World - why? because it works! Coaching gives incredibly effective tools, techniques and systems to enable you to enhance your leadership skills, manage your teams, lead any group within work or at play. It enhances all your communication and relationship building skills making you feel self confidence and capable of achieving whatever you'd like to.


Meditation for Energy and Vitality

When you deeply relax all your systems can expand and open up. Led meditations can uplift and energise you, filling you up with optimism, energy and hope. Filling you with enthusiasm for your life as well as creating a safe, peaceful place inside of yourself where you can be calm, centred and relaxed.