Can I set myself up as a Life or Business coach after the programme?

Absolutely YES. The aim of this course is to enable you to successfully change career and work in an area that gives you massive personal satisfaction.

It supposes that you already have some cross over skills in the workplace and we will build on those skills as well as giving you even more communication techniques and specific coaching questionnaires, a large tool kit and different methodologies and lots of in house practice, enabling you to feel confident about being able to bring out the best in people and help them get to where they want to go.

I don't want to set up my own business, I just want to gain some coaching skills to help me get on at work and for better communication with my family, will this course give me those skills?

Most definitely it will. You will come out of this with exceptional communication skills that you can transfer to work, family or friends to enhance all areas of your life. You can also use it as part of your CPD (continued professional development)

I have a managerial role and I need to manage and coach my direct reports - would this programme help me to manage / coach my staff more effectively?

Absolutely! And in our experience when staff are managed and coached well and are learning and growing from their managers, their performance, motivation and loyalty all increase significantly.

This will enable you to manage your staff more efficiently as well and improve performance. You will be able to turn difficult and non productive people into team assets.

I was just looking for a course that would give me personal growth to help with my confidence and success. Could I do this course for that reason?

Of course, coaching is all about gaining huge personal growth and you have to get it to know how to give it. You, your family and friends will benefit from your participation. We have exceptional coaches available to help.

In this 6 module programme, you will be learning from coaches who successfully work in the industry and you will share in their invaluable knowledge and experience. This is not a theory based training but a real practical work knowledge transfer.

The Kerslake Company also follows best practises in teaching methodologies designed by our IFL (Institute for Learning) certified trainer.