Whatever you are thinking of creates your feelings. With your feelings you create your life

Relaxing meditations and practical books written to help you to think about your life in a different way. Increase self confidence, happiness and success levels. Also serious hypnosis scripts to change unwanted ingrained habits that have stopped you from moving forward. Gain mental, emotional and physical health, balance and calmness.


All scripts and books are written and developed by Dr. Deborah Kerslake. Who has over 20 years experience in developing potential in people, She specialises in helping people become calm, relaxed and clear about what it is they wish to do with their life.

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cd Inspirational Meditation CDs

Would you love to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive, happy enthusiastic ones? Would you love to get up each morning feeling good about your day ahead?


These meditations, when used regularly, will change negative, anxious thoughts into positive, happy, calm ones — re-energising, relaxing and re-building strong self-confidence and belief about who you are and what you can achieve in your life.

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book Bite size books for personal and professional development

A lot of the pain and discomfort we put ourselves through is actually the result of faulty thinking. It may stem from our upbrining, our environment or events we've experienced over the years which have become our belief.

Whatever we believe we create in our lives over and over again by our thoughts.

This series of small, sensible, affordable books are easy to read and assimulate and give practical, simple and proven tools which are essential for anyone who would love to live a calmer, happier and more successful life.

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cd Hypnosis Scripts

Slim while you sleep is a fantastic script for re-programming the old habitual thoughts in your body that tell you it's difficult to lose weight. It re-programmes the way you think about food and yourself. It's also a great de-stressing script and increases confidence levels.

Quit Smoking NOW is a hard hitting, powerful script to literally make you hate smoking. If you tried before and failed, this is the one for you.

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Lose weight and quit smoking the EASY WAY.