Private practice

People put so much effort and energy into their jobs, their family, and their friends, but often fail to put much thought or effort into actually designing their own lives and futures. If you don't know where you are going - you will end up somewhere else. Yogi Bera

Seeking the help of a qualified therapist and coach will give you the biggest rewards you could ever imagine and put your life on track to becoming the dream life that everyone else aspires to.

Professional Life and Leadership Coaching - Why use coaching?

Gaining a direction in life that gives them meaning and purpose

Increasing their motivation and joy

Improving skills like confidence and communication to get a much better job

Attracting a great personal relationship

Reaching an exciting goal and much more

"Life Rewards Action". It's what you do TODAY that will make a difference in your life tomorrow. Personal Coaching helps you set goals, build healthy relationships, and set up a life that supports your desires. Making even small changes in your life now will change the entire direction of your future. Email me today for an appointment.


In the very first coaching session, Deborah helped me trace the root of my anxiety and overcome it. As a result, my self-confidence and motivation increased considerably and my enthusiasm for my work returned. During the course of the 6 coaching sessions Deborah guided me to set clear goals regarding my future career, to identify the steps needed to achieve these goals, and to put these into action. Thanks to this, I now feel very positive and motivated about the direction I am going in and, as a bonus, my increased levels of confidence and enthusiasm are having positive effects in my personal life as well.

Deborah has supported and motivated me 100% and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering changing their lives for the better.

Thanks so much, female, early 40s

Hypnotherapy - What Sort of conditions can hypnotherapy help?

Well, if I said virtually anything I would not be far wrong because it is the subconscious part of the mind that holds all habits and behaviours that drive the physical body and emotional mind, so when the subconscious part of the mind has been helped to sort things out and gain understanding, the physical/emotional symptoms can be put to rest, here are a few examples:-

Breaking unwanted habits i.e. smoking, nail biting, stuttering, overeating etc..

To gain more control over your life and life's direction.

To enjoy a calmer more positive state of mind, where you can relax, let go and rest. Good for anxiety attacks.

Hypnosis can free people from phobias.

Improves concentration and memory

Improved performance in sport, work and personal life - visualisation for help achieving goals and attaining peak performance - every time!

Public speaking, gaining the confidence to speak in a public situation with assurance.

The way we think affects all and every area of our lives, you can enhance your whole life by using hypnosis for self improvement.



We work with individuals both in our clinic in Kingston Upon Thames and at your place of work in and around London.

We also offer a consultation service where one of our team would come into your business once a week, once a fortnight or once a month on an ongoing basis to ensure your employees are happy, healthy and getting what they need.





There are times in everyone's life where we feel overwhelmed by events, it's often because we've had an accumulation of many different things and the one that eventually gets to us can be minor in comparison with what's gone on beforehand.

To seek help with gaining perspective and releasing some of the negative, harmful events that have happened in our lifetime in order to leave more room for coping with everyday events is only sensible, before the negative spiral of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other psychological disorders really set in.

The great news is that it's often interesting and very quick. Usually within just a few sessions my clients say they are feeling so much better about themselves and their life. They feel the benefits of ‘emptying' the mind of some of the past trauma so that they can cope with current situations. Gaining perspective and some powerful coping tools to take away with them to help them enjoy their future.

The sooner you seek help, the easier it is to regain balance and perspective in your life.

Holistic Wellness

Along with the talking therapies such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and life coaching, we also offer work on aligning your physical body through cranio sacral therapy, Herbal therapy and bach flower remedies.

Regaining balance and releasing trapped memories physically, helps with mental and emotional stability, calmness and balance.

Justina Parry Thank you Deborah Kerslake for your expertise. Mind, Body Soul

When you treat the whole person, everything balances up so much more quickly.