Workshops - Seminars

We provide bespoke in-house programmes that address specific organisational or team requirements relating to personal and professional development, leadership, communication coaching and wellness.

See our package offerings or ask us to do a 'needs analysis' of your requirements at no extra cost.

We also offer one to one coaching or therapy. We will come in for one day one week or monthly to assist your people reach their potential.

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Integrated Therapy

Nobel Prize winning psychiatrist Eric Kandel showed that thinking actually turns on genes that prompt neurons to form new connections. For example, psychotherapy actually  changes your brain  by introducing new patterns of thinking.

Whatever the problem, emotional, physical or 'don't know', we can probably help you

Gain way more confidence

Achieve your dreams

Be much happier than you ever felt possible

What is Integrated therapy?

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Why choose us?

We help you increase your self confidence and assertiveness

We help you establish clarity, your direction and wellness

Our training programme content and structure is simple, clear and practical, designed to provide swift, indepth and dynamic Personal and Professional growth for individuals and within companies

We have successfully helped large and small companies.

Radio Interviews

Dr. Deborah Kerslake and Jo Sumner on how to maintain our love relationships. 15 minutes. AND

The art of Giving and how to increase our happiness levels. 10 minutes


Personal Development books

Small, practical and great value

Hypnosis scripts

Quit Smoking Now - today

Slim While u Sleep

Meditation CD's

For health and energy, relaxation & calmness and total wellbeing,

Sleep Easy; Be Calm; Tranquility; Future Focus; Vital Health; Beautiful Birth; Power Words; Energise your Life